1. Read right through all the sentences.

Then do what is told to you as fast as you can.


1. Write your first name.

2. Multiply your age by three and write the result.

3. Write the name of your birth place backwards.

4. Draw a big circle.

5. Put a small square in the big circle.

6. Write the name of the day before the day before yesterday.

8. If your birthday is in the second half of the month, write the name of the month ; if not, write the year of your birth.

9. Don't write the name of the French Republic President.

10. Only answer the first question.




2. Can you understand this sentence ? 




3. And that one ?




4. Can you guess the names of the 3 boys ?






5. Can you guess their jobs ?





6. Is she old or young ?




7. And here , what can you see ?




8. And how do you write ? witch ? which ? with ?