1. To answer these riddles , all you need is to know the English Alphabet ... and to have a quick wit !

The answers are given at the end of each sentence ! !

1. This letter is an insect ... (B)

2. You can see with that one ! ...(I)

3. People eat it : it ‘s a vegetable ... (P)

4. This one flies : it ‘ s a bird ... (G)

5. It is blue and smooth ... (C)

6. English people like drinking it ...(T)

7. Each of them constitutes a basic element of primary teaching...(R)

8. I indicate that the driver of the car is learning to drive ... (L)

9. British people like to drive on me ...(M)

10. My day is a historic day ... (D)

11. I can be either positive or negative ...(O)

12. I am a question ... (Y)

13. I am the abbreviation for West ... (W)

14. I am a Roman numeral and I mean 5 ... (V)


2. Now choose among the letters found to identify the following animals :